Our Strategy

Act together. Do more.

VAN GRAAF practices sustainability with every fiber and in many decisions that we make in our teams.

  • We value premium quality; this ensures the longevity of our clothing. In this way, we contribute to consuming less energy and water.
  • We are increasingly using sustainable raw materials.
  • We decidedly influence the on-site working conditions in our production facilities and the entire value chain to ensure greater social justice.
  • When using animal fibers such as wool or cashmere, we advocate gentle methods to obtain the hair.
  • We ensure that our premium textiles do not contain any harmful substances and comply with all strict legal requirements.
  • We strive to reduce the carbon footprint of all our activities – from the production of our clothes to the moment our customers put the clothes in their shopping cart or shopping bag.
  • We offer bags made of FSC-certified recycling paper.

We are far from perfect. But we learn new things every day because sustainability is an enduring issue. With commitment and appreciation for one another and the environment in which we live and share, we aim to bring about sustainable change.

We know that we have to accept this challenge anew and meet it even better every day.

Thinking fashionably. Acting responsibly.

We have only one earth. One environment. And one future. We need to be as careful with it as possible.

We only have one Earth. One environment. One future. We have to treat them as carefully as possible. VAN GRAAF has set itself the goal of combining fashionable thinking with responsibility. Our high-quality products are intended to stand for fair treatment of people, animals, and the environment and to protect them as best we can.

The entire company stands behind this commitment to greater sustainability. Together we are constantly developing measures to set new impulses that can make a real difference to the environment and society.


Therefore, we ensure that our top brand products and VAN GRAAF brands meet our sustainability expectations.

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Through our efforts for more comprehensive environmental protection, we respect what we regard as valuable.

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As a traditional and globally active family business, we at VAN GRAAF know how important it is to act ethically.

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