Come Inside and Feel Right at Home

We offer our customers many different opportunities to enjoy a truly unique shopping experience. Fashion lovers can make the most of a particularly special shopping adventure in person at our stores, where they can experience our passion for people and fashion with all of their senses. Before they even step into our worlds of fashion, customers are sure to be impressed by the stunning architecture of our stores, complemented by our strong focus on achieving perfect shop designs. As they walk through the door, they are welcomed by the inviting and stylish atmosphere that defines all of our sales floors. We use our individual support and advice, inspiring outfit ideas and personal service to accompany our customers on their journey of fashion discovery, ensuring that they feel right at home every step along the way.

The design of our stores reflects the quality of our company. We use the guiding architectural principles specified in the corporate identity of VAN GRAAF to ensure that all of the stores in our corporate group meet the same standards in terms of their appearance, from our characteristic facades that can be recognised from a distance right through to our recurrent shop layouts and internal structures.

Be it in a historical building or renowned shopping centre, our stores are successfully defined by interior design featuring clear and stylish lines and spacious sales floors.


Inviting Store Layouts and Shop Fittings

Our clearly structured and inspiring worlds of fashion invite guests to easily find their way around and feel right at home as they enjoy their shopping experience. From our technical and structural elements right through to our shop fittings, we leave nothing to chance and strive to achieve excellent design down to the finest detail. Our store construction specialists develop and manage all elements of our stores, producing top-quality results that represent precise craftsmanship at its very best. The choice of materials used in our stores is also subject to strictly defined criteria. High-quality wooden and natural stone flooring, atmospheric lighting and stylish furniture all help to make our stores stand out in their own unique way and create a refined and inviting atmosphere.


An Inspiring Setting

When it comes to enjoying a relaxing shopping excursion, being inspired by new fashion ideas and finding the ideal garments for their wardrobe, customers need to be welcomed by a pleasant atmosphere in order to make the most of a successful shopping experience. We provide this ideal setting by creating comfortable spaces and chill-out zones that enable visitors to move around or simply take a break, ideal store lighting and temperatures, neat and tidily presented goods and carefully selected music. When ensuring the ideal presentation of our fashion collections, outfit ideas and styling tips, we put our trust in the professionals in our visual merchandising team. The members of this team boast outstanding expertise in activities ranging from shop window designs right through to perfect product displays. Last but not least, our combination of personal advice and support and a comprehensive range of services helps to ensure that a visit to VAN GRAAF is always an unforgettable shopping experience.