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Demonstrate style. Act sustainably.

Everything that we produce and do affects our fellow human beings and our Earth. Before clothing and accessories from our top brands and our in-house VAN GRAAF brands reach our customers’ closets, they undergo complex processing steps and have often traveled a long distance. As far as we are concerned as retailers, there are numerous starting points for sustainable action in each stage of this journey. VAN GRAAF wants to live up to its role as a global company in the long term and obliges itself and its business partners to take responsibility for people and the environment.

Sustainability practices apply from planting cotton, animal husbandry, fair working conditions and transport routes, and textile testing for harmful substances.

Attract with quality.

Quality means longevity. And longevity means sustainability. Resources are saved when customers wear an item of clothing for a long time. As such, we focus on the premium quality of our products as early as the purchasing process.

How do we ensure the quality of our clothing and accessories? We do so with the help of our internal test center. We painstakingly examine our products to meet our high-quality standards. Our customers measure us by these standards, which are embedded in our DNA. Because quality attracts.

Think of tomorrow with sustainable fashion.

We will run out of resources if we continue to do what we’ve always done. We urgently need to make changes. Many of our customers have realized this as well. In our product line, you will find many sustainable and high-quality clothing items. And the range will continue to grow in the future. Because with responsible fashion, getting dressed is more fun. We are convinced of that.

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Making the world a better place with 11 principles.

Today, global supply chains are enormously complex, and the working conditions of people in production facilities outside of Europe are not comparable to our own. Therefore, we assume social responsibility for these people.

In 2012, we joined the amfori BSCI Initiative. It corresponds with our ethical standards and ensures that social criteria are met on-site at our producers’ facilities. To that end, amfori BSCI has formulated a Code of Conduct consisting of 11 social principles. Our producers undertake to follow this code, and they are regularly and independently audited on it — from fair remuneration to prohibiting child labor.

The 11 principles are:

  • The right to freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • No discrimination
  • Fair wages
  • Fair working hours
  • Health and safety at the workplace
  • No child labor
  • Special protection for young workers
  • No precarious employment
  • No forced labor
  • Environmental protection
  • Ethical business conduct

You can learn about the background of the 11 principles here.

Ensuring safety with high standards.

Premium fashion for people is our passion. We guarantee our customers that their clothing is free from harmful substances. It is a standard that we also demand from our suppliers. They are obliged to deliver textiles that are harmless to health and meet strict statutory product requirements.

Compliance with these guidelines is regularly and diligently verified in specialized laboratories. As a result, our products ensure our customers not only a sense of style but also safety.

Protecting animal welfare with respect.

Animal products such as down, fibers, or wool increase the comfort of a garment and add value to the textiles. However, for VAN GRAAF, the raw materials must be procured under conditions that respect animal welfare. Therefore, we do not use down products from live-plucked cultivars. At the same time, we also entirely forego goods made of angora wool. Our membership in the Good Cashmere Standard Initiative confirms that we prefer cashmere from animal-friendly breeding.


Every project requires a strategy — especially where sustainability is concerned.

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Through our efforts for more comprehensive environmental protection, we respect what we regard as valuable.

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As a traditional and globally active family business, we at VAN GRAAF know how important it is to act ethically.

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