The german supply chain due diligence act

Supply chain responsibility

For over 100 years, Peek&Cloppenburg KG* Hamburg has stood for quality. Fair, correct and compliant behaviour is our top priority.

We set high standards for ourselves and have been meeting these for a long time with our membership of the Amfori BSCI, we thus evaluate our direct suppliers supported by unannounced audits on site.
We do not consider the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act as a challenge, we consider it a responsibility towards our environment and our fellow human beings. On this page, we provide information about our supply chains and create transparency in the sense of the law.

Declaration of Principles on International Human Rights

Peek&Cloppenburg KG* Hamburg is committed throughout the Group to the German Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act (LkSG) and thus to respecting, protecting and complying with the human rights of individuals. We stand by this responsibility as a company, regardless of the ability or willingness of the producing countries to fulfil their duty to protect human rights.

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Our Code of Conduct for employees

We have built a code of conduct on the strong foundation of our company’s values, which serves as a binding basis for the actions of all employees at Peek&Cloppenburg*. We are convinced that these principles have long been anchored in our corporate DNA and can be felt in our daily interactions.
The Code of Conduct helps us to deal with moral and ethical issues and strengthens us to act correctly in the interests of the company and society – today and in the future.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers

It is important to us that all our activities are characterised by honesty, transparency, reliability and fairness. We also expect this from our service providers and business partners. We therefore oblige them to comply with our Code of Conduct in all areas and business relationships.
For us at Peek&Cloppenburg* Hamburg, the Code of Conduct is an expression of our vision of sustainability and corporate governance with integrity. In doing so, we commit ourselves to assuming social and ethical responsibility and to standing up for it.

Code of Conduct

Whistleblower system

For over 100 years Peek&Cloppenburg KG* Hamburg has stood for quality, because – quality attracts. Fair, correct and compliant behaviour is our top priority. In order to live up to our high standards, it is important to recognise, analyse and eliminate potential misconduct. With the whistleblower system we offer the possibility to report potential misconduct.

Whistleblower system

Rules of procedure

* Peek&Cloppenburg consists of two legally and economically independent companies based in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. You are currently on the website of Peek&Cloppenburg KG in Hamburg whose stores you can find here.