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Sustainability is visible and measurable in most areas, such as in CO2 emissions or reductions in plastic packaging. VAN GRAAF works to reduce its ecological footprint and, for instance, increasingly uses recyclable and FSC-certified materials in its carrying bags.

Moving towards a future with less impact.

Every action and every step that VAN GRAAF takes leaves behind an impact, an ecological footprint. This footprint is measurable. It shows whether our business is on the right path to being more environmentally friendly and shows what we can do better. We calculate the CO2 emissions caused by our headquarters and our branches, our logistics center and our deliveries to customers.

Based on the data we obtain, we create a CO2 balance sheet from which we derive our climate strategy. In doing so, we specifically make sure that we prevent or reduce CO2.

Paper instead of plastic.

Premium products need to be securely packaged, and suitable packaging is part of our quality standard. But how is crucial. VAN GRAAF has significantly reduced the use of plastic bags. Instead, we offer our customers carrier bags made of paper for their shopping experience, which are 100 % recyclable and have the FSC seal. In other words: The wood for producing the bags originates from responsible, sustainable forestry. Once an order is placed online, we send our goods in cardboard boxes that are also FSC-certified.


Every project requires a strategy — especially where sustainability is concerned.

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Therefore, we ensure that our top brand products and VAN GRAAF brands meet our sustainability expectations.

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As a traditional and globally active family business, we at VAN GRAAF know how important it is to act ethically.

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