How to knot a tie


The uncomplicated knot

Simple yet highly effective!
The uncomplicated, slightly asymmetrical four-in-hand knot. Easy to master, even for beginners, it suits most types of tie and collar.
The elongated narrow knot is flattering as it appears to lengthen the neck and make it look slimmer.

Take the broad end of the tie and pass it to the right, over the narrow end.

Then take it back in the other direction under the narrow end.

After that, take the broad end back over to the right, thus forming a knot.

Pull the broad end up through the loop around your neck.

Thread it through the loop that has been formed.

Pull the broad end right down through this loop.

Adjust and tighten the knot, making two small pleats at the front.

Finally, pass the narrow end through the small loop (passantino) at the back.


VAN GRAAF - is your specialist for ties.

We offer a large range of top-quality ties, most of which are made of Italian silk. If you are out of practise, we recommend the uncomplicated "Four-in-hand" knot. It is easy to tie, yet still looks very elegant. If a tie is knotted properly, the longer point at the front should end at the beginning of the belt buckle.


When you take the tie off, you should carefully untie the knot, smooth out the tie and give the sensitive fabric a chance to recover. Always store your ties on a hanger or loosely rolled up - if possible, place them in a moist room, e.g. a bathroom overnight.

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